Go Electric! 

With the growth of emerging electric technology on the rise, demand for electric-based vehicles is increasing, and with this comes a great step for air quality and green energy that is both cost effective and beneficial to minimising the effects of Climate Change.

“Electric vehicles and solar power are game-changers that the fossil fuel industry consistently underestimates.” says Luke Sussams, a senior researcher at Carbon Tracker.

Without an ambitious switch to electric, current levels of nitrogen dioxide across large cities in the UK like Manchester, Cardiff, and London will not fall below the healthy legal limit until after 2030.

Nitrogen dioxide, predominantly from diesel traffic fumes, is known to cause many health problems, including lung cancer and heart disease. Currently the cost of health impacts caused by air pollution on London's economy alone is up to £3.7 billion. There has never been a more critical time to switch to clean, electric energy.

Grime Goes Green

A massively under-discussed and under-represented alternative to fossil-fuel vehicles are Electric Motorbikes. These fun, fast, inner-city get-about vehicles are the perfect green alternative to motor-bikes that run on highly polluting fossil-fuels. Fast, short journeys and immediate home-based charge mean that Electric Bikes are the healthy, affordable solution. They can now be picked up from 2K, hardly differing from the cost of a regular petrol or diesel bike.

Leading the way in this green-bike revolution are distributors Vmoto UK, who campaign for a switch to electric bikes, particularly focusing their attention of switching delivery motors to electric. Short, constant journeys in diesel/petrol bikes are the most polluting, particularly those carried out by delivery bikes. However, with a switch to electric, we could see pollution levels start to fall dramatically in the centre of big UK cities.

For our #GoElectric bike campaigned we teamed Vmoto Bikes with some of the UK’s leading Grime MC’s to promote a healthier green alternative for inner-city youth, and show Londoners that going Green is badass, edgy, and empowering.

We want to show young Londoner’s that being Green is bold; it is a strong, bossy, powerful move. With the choice in their hands, we want young Londoners like us to know that they have an alternative to dirty, harmful vehicles that only bring further harm to our cities residents. We want them to feel that they too can make a statement against the world-destroying fossil fuel industry, as well as have the choice of a vehicle that is fun and safer for all.