Electric Cars

Clean Air Now group teamed up with Hoopla Electric to create the first Grime Goes Green campaign featuring MC and Musician P Money alongside cars created by Tesla. This campaign, the first of its kind, takes a look at promoting the usage of electric energy as a cleaner, greener alternative to petrol/diesel vehicles.

On longer journeys, and for heavy loads, cycling is not an option, and so an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles must be proposed. The use of modern, clean and efficient Electric Cars is a initial step towards greener cities. The most important aspect being that electric cars do not produce any toxic air output in the city, unlike Diesel which will emit a host of carcinogenic particles non-stop, filling London's air with toxic and dangerous gases and carbon particles - the effects on health have been linked to Alzheimer's, increased rise of strokes, heart attacks, lung disease, mental health problems - the effects on health are far greater than expected.

Governments and local authorities need to start genuinely prioritizing public health over short-term economic gains (which are later spent on caring for those affected by the causes of toxic pollution regardless).

Electric Cars, initially a luxury item, are now becoming more affordable and accessible, with brands like Tesla creating an affordable city range for the consumer market. The opportunity for change for global cities harnessing electric technology is vast. Solar, Wind power and other sustainable forms of energy can be implemented much more to create clean electric energy, that doesn't release toxins into the environment.

Our campaign, shot by Canary Wharf which was shrouded in fog on our shoot day, creates the perfect smoggy backdrop for our message - Go Electric - to avoid smog being an inner-city reality.

We're excited to welcome P Money's feature and support towards the campaign, who was styled by Lucy Upton-Prowse in garments by Astrid Anderson alongside our youth team featuring photographer Alysha Kostamo Mao, model Sara Lopez and designer Claire Matthews who all wear apocalyptic designs by Adam Jones Womenswear. The billboards were created in association with Vogmask - who create particle filtration masks.