"Just as in the smog of the 1950s, air pollution in London today is literally killing Londoners. But unlike the smoky pollution of the past, today’s pollution is a hidden killer."

Sadiq Khan, July 2016


Why act now?

The known health effects of air pollution have rocketed in recent years, with WHO classifying London's air pollution as dangerous to humans in October 2013 as it did smoking in February 1985.

How long you live should not be determined by where you live. By raising public awareness of the severity of this health crisis and supporting those spearheading change we hope to apply greater pressure on the government to act urgently.


Get Involved!

Lobby your MP:

One of the best ways to share your concern is to make contact with your local MP. You can find out who they are and how to contact them using the link below. Express your concerns about pollution in your area and help us lobby for change!