The Fight
for Clean Air

Every year, poor air quality is cutting short the lives of over 9000 people.

London is facing an air pollution crisis. Every day dangerous toxic gasses are pumped into the atmosphere by polluting diesel and petrol cars.

Now, London has one of the highest recorded levels of toxic NOx gas in Europe. Termed ‘the invisible killer;, NOx gas is toxic in any measure, particulates penetrate lungs, damage tissue and are known to directly affect the brain.

Cleaning up London’s air quality will be impossible without real attention from the government.

At large, the inner-city community remains uninformed, whilst political leaders cover up the extent of the dangers. It is time for a change.

We believe a crack-down on these vehicles pumping out fatal pollutants is essential in safeguarding our wellbeing, and for the health of future generations.
Whilst industry lobbyists continue to threaten future generations by limiting the laws against air pollution, and the safe limits set by the EU, our air grows dirtier each day.

Action must be taken to protect innercity health, and the quality of life for future generations.

We believe governing bodies have a moral responsibility to take greater action to improve air quality, too little has been done for too long, and the proposed plans of fazing out diesel are still abstract, distant promises.


Urgent action is required to ensure Londoners no longer have to fear the air they breathe.

The right to breathe non-toxic air has been greatly undermined.

By raising public awareness to the severity of this health crisis, and supporting those spearheading change, we hope to apply pressure to the government to act urgently.
Viewers of the campaign are invited to use the hashtag


to share their own experiences of air pollution in the city. We want to engage public of all ages on the issue, and get the public voice truly heard! Lets get talking!  

We Need Clean Air Now.