Grime Goes Green

“Does the future of a modern, clean-living city lie in the electric vehicle?" 

#CAN teamed up with Hoopla Electric to create the first Grime Goes Green campaign featuring mc and musician P Money alongside Tesla cars. This campaign takes a look at promoting the usage of electric energy as a cleaner, greener alternative to petrol or diesel vehicles.

Electric cars, initially a very luxury item, are now becoming more accessible, with brands like Tesla creating an affordable city range for the consumer market. The opportunity for change for global cities harnessing electric technology is vast. Solar, wind power and other sustainable forms of energy can be implemented to support a shift away from fossil fuel consumption.

Alongside this we created an electric bike campaign with bikes from V-Moto. Blakie and Mercstson show young wonders that being green is a bold, powerful move.

We want Young Londoners like us to know that they have an alternative to dirty, harmful vehicles, and that the options for greener tech is out there, and it is desirable. We want people to feel that they can make a statement against the toxic fumes whilst having a vehicle that is affordable, (the same price as a low-end diesel/petrol bike), fun and safe.