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Who are #CAN?

#CAN (Clean Air Now) is an indie, non-profit campaigning initiative created by Vasilisa Forbes and Claire Matthews, who advocate for positive environmental change in London and across the UK. 

Clean Air Now advocates for greater transparency, awareness of London’s illegal levels of pollution through billboards, posters and street art placement across some of the cities most polluted roads.  

An arts project with social incentive, CAN raises awareness surrounding Air Quality and climate change, through visual media and OOH campaigns.

Through Clean Air Now we are campaigning for improvements to air quality in the capital and across the UK: to better our quality of life, address the climate crisis, and promote the switch to green energy.
Using our abilities within the fields of film/graphic design/advertising and media, we are fighting for climate action through a visual medium

We Need Clean Air Now.


Addressing the climate crisis, and promoting the switch to green energy.